Office Manager & Financial Coordinator

I have been lucky to be part of this practice for over 30 years! I truly enjoy orthodontics and the beautiful smiles we create.
Scheduling Coordinator

I have been is dentistry since 1996 and have been in this practice for 10 years. It is a pleasure to work in the field of orthodontics.



Treatment Coordinator

I have been part of this practice for over 30 years. I have the most fun job of seeing the younger patients and getting them started on their way to a great new smile.
Professional Relations Coordinator

I have been in orthodontics for over 10 years, and it’s still my passion to meet every patient and watch their beautiful new smiles unfold throughout their treatment.



Scheduling Coordinator

It has been an amazing experience working here. I enjoy seeing patients get excited to get their braces off and seeing their beautiful new smiles.
Floor Supervisor, RDA

I have worked in the dental field since High School, back in the 1970’s. The thing I like best is seeing the difference a great smile can make in the person’s self- esteem.

Joseph (Jojo)



I have been working in dentistry for over 19 years. I worked in general dentistry for 3 years, then received my training in the orthodontic field at this office 15 years ago.
Supervisor / RDA

I like orthodontics because I can see the amazing results. It is fun to help in the process of giving patients a new smile.




I love my job helping patients get started with their orthodontic treatment. I especially enjoy working with the younger patients by putting them at ease and making it fun for them.
Laboratory Technician

I have been making the retainers to keep smiles great and making specialized appliances for the complicated treatments for almost 20 years. I enjoy the challenges.




The best part of working in orthodontics for me, is seeing the difference we make in boosting peoples self-esteem.
Treatment Coordinator

I have worked in the dental field for over 10 years and absolutely LOVE my job! As the Treatment Coordinator, I will be your guide through the entire New Patient process; from paperwork to getting your Braces or Invisalign, I’ll be there for you. Think of me as your liason between your orthodontic needs and a beautiful, healthy smile!


Imaging Technician

I have been in the dental field for a little over 3 years and by far orthodontics is my favorite. I love being able to help give people the smiles they’ve always dreamed of!