Fast – Safe – Gentle


If the prospect of having a smile full of metal for several years is holding you back from getting braces, it’s time to consider AcceleDent Optima to speed up your orthodontic treatment. This innovative approach can accelerate the movement of your teeth by approximately 30%, so that you can enjoy your dazzling new smile sooner!

AcceleDent Optima is a simple appliance that is both lightweight and comfortable. It uses the exclusive SoftPulse Technology’s micropulses to speed your teeth’s movement into proper position guided by your braces. With only 20 minutes of hands-free use per day, AcceleDent Optima helps you achieve your smile goals faster.

The patented SoftPulse Technology means that the appliance is both safe and effective. Its vibration safely applies the correct amount of force on your teeth so that they move quicker but still remain healthy. AcceleDent Optima’s force is actually 200x less than the force used during regular chewing.

Since its introduction in 2009, AcceleDent Optima has been used by thousands of patients worldwide. Deemed safe in U.S. clinical trials and cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, AcceleDent Optima is only available with an orthodontist’s prescription.