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Alien Sightings Reported!
car and UFO
  • Multiple sightings of possible UFOs have been reported in various parts of the world.
  • Follow the link below to learn how you can keep your own watch.

UFO Special Report

Ghosts In The Titanic?
  • It’s been almost 100 years since the legendary steamship sank to the bottom of the Atlantic & researchers have been navigating the depths to find out more ever since.
  • Lately there have been reports of ghosts showing up in pictures.
    Take a look for yourself.

Ghosts of the Depths

Ghosts in the Titanic
Volcano Eruption in Real time
Volcano Eruption
  • 2010 has seen two major volcano eruptions, first in Iceland and the second in Guatemala.
  • Read how you can watch the process of an eruption in real time.

Another Pompeii?

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