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Do you Deal with Personality and Behaviour Problems?
Learn to Manage Disruptive and Negative Behaviour Quickly

Managing Difficult Behaviour

“Enlightening and interesting, providing positive ways to deal with difficult situations”
Pat Leatherhead – Circuit Logistics

This intensive Training Seminar available in these locations
Leeds – Birmingham – Milton Keynes – London

Just £149 (+VAT)
Book Now 01799 252432


1.45pm Registration, 2pm – 5pm – Refreshments provided

“Ian Newton was enthusiastic and personable, made it easy to remember the key points”
Lucy Cope – Odournet UK Ltd

Transform the way you deal with awkward, negative and difficult behaviour for good! This effective and valuable session gives you the insights, skills and techniques as well as practical tips, so you can manage difficult behaviour in the workplace, whether dealing with colleagues, managers, customers, or in fact anyone.

“Excellent for its ability to help us rationalise seemingly irrational behaviour and resolve it quickly”
Grant Kamik – Genster

Within any organisation, it is all too common to find other staff, customers and managers that are difficult, negative or sometimes irrational or intimidating in the way that they deal with us. We will show you how to deal effectively with the broad spectrum of difficult behaviours and awkward people that you may encounter on a daily basis.

“Extremely useful information to use when dealing with colleagues and other individuals”
Mairead Lynch – Hammersmith & Fulham Management Services

All behaviour problems have a root cause. In this session you will learn the psychological reasons that underpin problem behaviours as well as how to spot and deal with those behaviours before you get ‘sucked in’. Often, you can deal with the ‘problem’ before it even is a problem. You also look at the role that pre-conditioning plays to foresee how people will react in different situations.

“Excellent insight into behaviour of both managers and those being managed in the workplace and life generally”
Louise Holroyd – Hempsons and District Law

Conflict and tension due to difficult behaviour is one of the major factors in poor performance, both individually and in the workplace in general. Following this session you will be able to recognise, effectively manage and deal with difficult and negative behaviours in both work and personal situations. We give you tools to understand and respond effectively to get your desired outcome.

“Very useful and thought provoking provides strategies to be explained and worked on. Deals with “real life” scenarios”
Mel Parrott – Brasenose College

Your time, energy and sense of well-being are affected by difficult situations, people and negative behaviours that you come across. These often leave you distracted or undermined and unable to concentrate on the task in hand. We show you how to stand aside and look differently at the situation, and therefore deal with it more effectively.

“Very helpful, I shall apply this to every aspect of my business life and more importantly my personal one! Looking forward to more like this”
Rick Wilson – Your House of Finance

Training Seminar Overview
What causes ‘difficult’ behaviours and how to manage them
Deal with aggression once and for all – and see why the techniques usually taught don’t work
Turn around behaviours that drain energy away from you
How people create problem behaviours in themselves and others before they even speak
Identify and deal with behaviour problems before they happen
Learn the underpinning beliefs that produce all behaviour problems
Spot the initiation points for behaviours and learn to deal immediately with them
Avoid upward delegation and ensure that you get the support you need
Spot manipulative behaviour and deal with it quickly and effectively
Recognise ‘black hole’ behaviours that pull you in and learn how to deal with them
Understand why people behave differently in different situations
Understand the motivators for and the payoffs people get from their behaviour
Learn how to say NO in an OK way
Deal with depressing behaviour, learn to deflect despair, whinging and apathy

About Your Host
Ian Newton is one of the UK’s most experienced and respected behavioural experts. His common sense approach and humorous delivery are backed by a wealth of knowledge; MA(Oxon), MBA FCIS, FCMI, and FIANLP, but more important are his years of experience in real world management in the UK and abroad including major FTSE 100 PLC’s and blue chip clients as well as SME’s, professional firms and government bodies

Venues and Dates

Leeds 5th November 2013
Radisson Blu, The Light, Leeds

Birmingham 6th November 2013
Jurys Inn, 245 Broad St Birmingham, B1 2HQ

Milton Keynes 7th November 2013
Horwood House, Little Horwood, MK17 0PH

London 14th November 2013
Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 – 65 Great Queen Street WC2B 5DA

London 5th December 2013
Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 – 65 Great Queen Street WC2B 5DA

Dynamic Learning for Busy People
Well known as the pioneers of the half day seminar in the UK, thousands have benefitted from our low cost, no-nonsense, high quality training. Our presenters are all UK experts in their own particular areas, not just repeating material written by someone else. We use only prime venues across the UK using the popular round table format. We know that time is money, so we cut out the padding and waffle used by so many training companies. What we deliver is impactful, concise and dynamic knowledge that you can use right away.

This intensive Training Seminar available in these locations
Leeds – Birmingham – Milton Keynes – London

Just £149 (+VAT)
Book Now 01799 252432


1.45pm Registration, 2pm – 5pm – Refreshments provided
Please call or email for multiple booking rates.

Valid for Continuing Professional (CPD) Points ( 3 points per seminar)

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