May 312011


You have the chance to live & work abroad as Internship-Indonesia internships are booming! This means you can escape the rut back home and head abroad for the adventure of your life

We now offer internship related to the following disciplines:

– English Teaching

– Business & Marketing

– Medicine

– Sociology and Culture Sharing

– International Relations

…And many others!


Check your benefits:

It’s simple:

Okay – these are the basics you need to head to Internship- Indonesia  this summer. You only need to…

  • Speak English fluently
  • Show a lot of enthusiasm and passion for your work
  • Be prepared to enhance your CV in particular fields
  • Be ready to board that long haul flight to Indonesia!

    How it works?
    You’ll receive accommodation, 24/7 in-country support, a monthly spending allowance, comprehensive Indonesian language trainings, a new network of fellow interns and the chance to add something incredible to your CV!

So find out more today! The best bit is I-to-I has their best ever offer on the programme now, so hurry and get in touch. Check and APPLY NOW.
(apply now with under link to the apply now :  )

For any question don’t hesitate:

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